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The Inauguration Of YoyiC Dairy Indonesia Factory In Cikarang

YoyiC Dairy Indonesia Factory opens its modern factory and food technology facilities getting ready to produce up to 260 tons of yogurt products per day to meet the needs of the Indonesian and Asian markets.

Jakarta, 29 November 2018 – Today the Head of the Capital Investment Coordinating Board, Thomas Trikarsa Lembong, inaugurated the production facility of YoyiC Dairy Indonesia Factory in Cikarang, West Java. With this factory facility, YoyiC Dairy Indonesia supplies yogurt drink products in Indonesia and several Asian countries.

With a population of 264 million, Indonesia ranks fourth in the world and the first in Southeast Asia, with a large consumer market. As the largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia’s GDP has maintained a high growth rate of more than 5% in recent years. Improvement in standard of living, stable purchasing power, along with a healthier lifestyle. The indications of economic growth that continue to move to a positive level also make Indonesia increasingly much more attractive as a foreign investment destination.

“The Southeast Asian market occupies a vital position in Mengniu’s internationalization strategy and marketing plan. To support this plan, we need to expand our production and build our 60th plant in Indonesia – the first liquid milk one overseas,” said Global CEO of Mengniu Dairy Corporation, Mr. Jeffrey Lu Minfang. “Mengniu’s YoyiC Dairy Indonesia Factory is equipped with the most advanced production equipments in the world, and has been introduced to world class production management systems and product quality standards that have undergone long-term verification in Europe, Oceania and China. It can be said that this is currently one of the most advanced dairy processing plants in Indonesia. ”

YoyiC Dairy Indonesia Factory is located in the GIIC Cikarang Industrial Estate, West Java, occupying an area of 14,733 m2 and currently completing the factory construction process. Advanced production technology and environmentally friendly process is supported by Mengniu R&D Center. The total investment allocated in the construction of this plant reaches more than 50 million USD (± 628 billion Rupiah). The YoyiC Dairy Indonesia factory uses production equipment with qualified food technology and and plan to supply more than 1,000 job opportunities for Indonesian.

YoyiC products are loved by consumers in mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore. YoyiC is the second largest probiotic brand in Hong Kong, and the first largest probiotic brand in 7-Eleven Singapore. The YoyiC products produced by the Indonesian factory use high-quality products from Oceania, with added probiotics from Denmark, which not only provides rich nutrition and delicious experience to drinkers, but also enhances intestinal functions, bringing health and vitality. YoyiC is optimistic that its yogurt beverage products contain health goodness will be warmly received by consumers in Indonesia who are increasingly aware of their health and consume nutritious products.

YoyiC is one brand from the Mengniu family of products, which have been sold in regions such as Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Myanmar and Cambodia, including yogurt, lactic acid bacteria beverages, ice cream and other products which have become consumers’ favorite brands.

The first production batch from the YoyiC Cikarang factory will be marketed on 1 December 2018, consisting of:

  • YoyiC Fermented milk with original and lychee flavour, 200ml
  • YoyiC Yogurt Drink with strawberry & mango flavour, 140ml
  • YoyiC yogurt dessert with blueberry vanilla and caramel apple, 100 gram

Regarding optimism and investment commitment in Indonesia, Mengniu’s Global VP of Overseas Business, Luo Yan, who was also present today in Cikarang said, “We are confident YoyiC products will be well-accepted among Indonesian consumers and we are very optimistic on our business futures in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. “We have planned future resources, and more product portfolios, for YoyiC future in Indonesia.”

About YoyiC

YoyiC is a big player in the dairy market of Southeast Asia. YoyiC is oneof Mengiu’s brand of yogurt & probiotic drink that ranks the top beverage in C-BPI list respectively in “Brand Power Index China 2017” (C-BPI) published by the Ministry of industry and Information technology of China. YoyiC quality dairy products supports the people of Indonesia to have a healthy life, to go a step further and achieve.

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