Drink One Bottle Of YoyiC Each During Suhoor And Breakfasting For Your Digestion

Do you know? When fasting, your digestive system will decrease from normal. 8 hours after suhoor, the digestive system will change the food you eat at dawn to glucose for your body’s energy. After that, the body will enter into fasting mode, where the intestine has finished absorbing nutrients from the last meal. In this fasting mode, your blood sugar levels will begin to decline.

Under normal circumstances, the body’s glucose stored in the liver and muscles (glycogen) will replace the role of glucose coming from food. Glycogen is needed by our body to provide energy to the brain and other body parts. Meanwhile, at 8 hours after suhoor, the digestive system will rest and slow down its performance due to its inactivity.

In the afternoon when glycogen has been used up, our body will look for other energy sources which come from body fat. The use of fat as energy sources is what will reduce the levels of bad fats and cholesterols in the body, while reducing weight.

Fasting also has a positive effect for digestive system. Fasting gives the digestive system time to rest so it can reduce the risk or cure health problems in digestion

Iftar and Suhoor with Yogurt to Optimize Digestive Health During Fasting

When suhoor or iftar, you need nutritious food for the body. One healthy menu that gives you a lot of benefits is yogurt. Maybe you are wondering, is yogurt safe for consumption at suhoor or iftar? The answer is certainly safe. See the explanation here.

It doesn’t matter if you want to eat yogurt at suhoor or iftar during Ramadan. According to the British Nutrition Foundation, yogurt can be a good food because of its nutrient content such as protein, calcium, iodine and vitamin B in it.

The Canadian Research and Development Center for Probiotics also states that yogurt contains calcium and low fat. Yogurt is also useful in reducing headaches to inflammation for those of you who consume it regularly. Eating yogurt regularly will stimulate the growth and activity of good bacteria in the intestine.

Not only that, probiotics are also useful to help prevent and treat several diseases such as reducing the risk of urinary tract infections. It can also increase the body’s immune system during fasting.

Healthy Fasting Due To Probiotics in Yogurt

Probiotics are good bacteria that are normally found in the human digestive system. Various studies have proven that probiotics will form temporary colonies, which can help body activities with the same functions as natural microflora in the digestive tract.

By consuming these good bacteria, the body’s defense system will be better so it is not susceptible to disease, especially those that attack the digestive tract.

Yogurt Consumption Tips During Fasting

Yogurt is safe to consume during suhoor or iftar if you do not have acute problems with digestion. The following are some tips that you can apply when you want to put yogurt in the suhoor or iftar menu:

  1. Start by Drinking Water FirstBefore drinking yogurt as a menu for suhoor or iftar, you need to drink a glass of water first. This is important to neutralize stomach acid in your digestion. Water is also able to remove toxins from the body through sweat or urine, especially if you drink it when iftar and before eating. The body will feel healthy and have better blood circulation.
  2. Choose Low Fat 

    As in the explanation above, fasting also breaks down body fat so it will be good for you who are on a diet program and want to lose weight. You can choose low-fat yogurt for suhoor or iftar menu so you can feel the benefits of weight loss.

  3. Add Pieces of Fresh Fruit

    You can add fresh fruits or nuts to yogurt. This menu is very good to make
    the body more powerful. You can consume YoyiC Yogurt Drink Strawberry or mango flavor variants as part of your consumption. In both products, you will feel the pleasure of the original fruit mixed with fresh yogurt. You can drink YoyiC Yogurt Drink 1 bottle at suhoor and 1 bottle when iftar. YoyiC can makes your suhoor or iftar more enjoyable.


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