Prevent Bad Breath When Fasting With Yogurt

During fasting, a few of us complain about having bad breath that appears. Do you know what causes bad breath when fasting? The main reason this happens because when fasting saliva production in the mouth becomes reduced due to no intake of fluids that enter the body during fasting.

In fact, saliva is a natural cleaning fluid that contains an enzyme to digest fiber and glycoproteins to protect the oral mucosa. Saliva also functions as an immune system to block bacteria and viruses that enter through the mouth. As a result of this condition, the oral cavity becomes dry and becomes a good place for the development of a bacterial colony in the tongue, teeth and mouth, which causes bad breath.

Apart from the lack of production of saliva due to lack of fluids, bad breath when fasting can also arise due to digestive health problems. Bad breath can be caused by poor digestion. The food you eat cannot be digested properly which results in acid reflux, yeast overgrowth or fermentation, which is also called bad breath.

Digestive fluid will also remain out even though there is no food intake during fasting. This condition affects the lining of the stomach, resulting in a very bad smell. In addition, the metabolic process uses fat reserves in the body to release chemicals in the form of ketones that come out together with the exhalation of breath. This is what makes bad breath.

Solution to Overcome Mouth Odor Naturally

For those of you who have bad breath problems, and haven’t found a solution to eliminate them, here are some natural ways you can do to get rid of bad breath.

  1. Drink Lots of Water

    The most simple and healthy way is to consume lots of water. Especially when you wake up before Suhoor. When you wake up you will feel an unpleasant aroma from the mouth, this is because the production of saliva is reduced when we sleep, causing bacterial growth.

    By consuming water when you wake up, it will be very effective in eliminating bad breath. Because bacteria that cause bad breath have anaerobic properties, meaning that these bacteria will thrive in a dry atmosphere.

  2. Chewing On Mint Flavored Gum.

    After breaking the fast, you can chew mint flavored gum. Mint flavored gum can be one of the solutions to eliminate bad breath. Why should mint taste? Because the bacteria in the mouth can eat the sugar contained in the gum, so that it produces acid in the mouth and your breath will fresh.

  3. Drink Ginger.

    Ginger is known to be good for health, besides giving a feeling of relief in the throat, ginger can also overcome bad breath. You can simply mix grated ginger and water to get a ginger juice, then squeeze the grated ginger, mix into warm water. Then rinse your mouth with ginger water. Do it regularly if you want a fresh breath.

  4. Gargle With Apple Vinegar And Water.

    Another way you can do it is gargle with apple vinegar and water. Prepare a spoonful of apple vinegar and a glass of water. Then mix it together and rinse your mouth for 3-4 minutes in the morning after suhoor and before going to bed at night.

  5. Eat Fruit.

    Fruit is known to be very good for facilitating metabolism in the body. Apparently besides the fruit also has high efficacy to overcome bad breath. You can consume apples that contain polyphenols which are effective for eradicating bacteria while eliminating compounds that cause bad breath. Other fruits can also be a solution to eliminate unpleasant smells in the mouth, for example fruits that contain vitamin C, such as oranges, lemons, etc.

  6. Drink Yogurt.

    Yogurt is one of the foods that are very good for digestion. For those of you who experience bad breath, nutrition experts said that yogurt can be one of the solution for your problem. You can consume YoyiC Fermented Milk Drink or Yoyic Yogurt at suhoor and iftar.

    YoyiC products contains live lactobacillus that is known by experts not only work to maintain your digestive health, but can also effective at getting rid of bad bacteria in the mouth and reducing the amount of hydrogen sulfide produced by bad bacteria.Thus you will be free from bad breath and can be free to move confidently during the month of Ramadan.




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