Tips For Maintaining Digestive Health During Homecoming

After a month of fasting, the homecoming season and the Eid holiday soon arrived. In the fasting month, we are used to maintaining a diet and not eating and drinking for a long time. When homecoming season comes, we tend to eat “as we like” like spicy food, or foods that are less clean.

When going home, motorbike riders usually only eat food on the resting place or in street stalls that are not guaranteed healthy and safe. In addition, a long trip during homecoming plus weather factors may also affects the endurance of travelers.

Unhealthy food that enters the body may cause a disturbance in the brain, which is quite troublesome. You will get diarrhea easily during the trip and therefore you cannot continue the journey before the diarrhea stops.

Of course it will be very disturbing if you have to experience stomachaches and diarrhea on your homecoming trip. Therefore do these several things so you don’t experience diarrhea.

  1. Hand Hygiene 

    Before eating, make sure to clean your hands. If there is water, you should wash your hands first. Alternatively, bring liquid antiseptic soap or disinfectant wet wipes, so that invisible germs that can trigger diarrhea do not enter the body.

  2. Eat Cooked Food 

    When dropping into a restaurant, look for food that is cooked directly once you order it. So it’s still fresh and hot when you consume it. If the food has been left alone for a long time or undercooked, it could be that bacteria began to appear there. The worst result is triggering food poisoning.

  3. Pay Attention To The Cleanliness Of The Place And Food 

    Pay attention to the cleanliness of restaurants and food served. If the fly landed on your food, do not consume it. Contamination can occur even in freshly cooked food.

  4. Avoid Spicy Foods 

    During the trip, you should not eat spicy food. Either food on the restaurant or food stock that you brought. Especially for those whose stomach is sensitive to spicy food. Consumption of spicy foods can make the stomach hot and trigger diarrhea.

  5. Bring Your Own Food Stock 

    Try to bring your own food stock from home. You just need to bring mineral water, some dates, and biscuits or pastries during the trip. If you are hungry, you can eat it temporarily before having a big meal in a better place.

  6. Eat Fresh Food

    When carrying your own lunch, make sure it’s still worth consuming. Do not let the food turn out to be stale when eaten. Food that is not fresh can make you diarrhea.

  7. Bring Your Own Fruit 

    During long trips, you still need to consume fruits for nutritional intake. We recommend that you bring your own fruit that has been washed or bring fruit that is easy to eat such as bananas. Buying cut fruit at the store is not guaranteed.

  8. Stop By The Nearest Supermarket To Buy YoyiC 

    There are also practical ways that can get you away from digestive problems, like stopping at the nearest supermarket to buy YoyiC. Why YoyiC? This is because YoyiC contains live lactobacillus. This live lactobacillus is a good bacteria that can help prevent disease.One of the most popular uses of live lactobacillus is to help the digestive system and improve the immune system. Naturally, it is also existed in our bodies. However, you can also get additional good bacteria from supplements, food, or drinks such as YoyiC Yogurt Drink products.

    Consume YoyiC Immediately For Maximum Benefit

    You can consume YoyiC Yogurt Drink directly at the place while it is still cold, the bacteria type Lactobacillus Paracasei in YoyiC is not heat resistant and is only active at temperatures between 2-6 ° C, so consume your YoyiC products as soon as possible after opening.

    If you want to bring YoyiC during your trip, you can bring your own cooler box which has been added with several ice packs to keep the temperature of the product stable. Only in this way can you get maximum benefit from Lactobacillus Paracasei.




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