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Via Vallen Represent Yogurt Lovers Of Indonesia Is The Recipient Of The First Nasi Tumpeng In The Inauguration Of YoyiC Dairy Indonesia Factory

Friday, November 30, 2018 (Cikarang, West Java) – Yesterday on Thursday, November 29, 2018 YoyiC Dairy Indonesia inaugurated the factory with opening ceremony located in the industry area of Cikarang, West Java. Witnessed by many national and international media, guests invitation as well as government officials like Mr. Thomas Lembong Trikasih as the head of capital investment Coordination Board, Ms. Farah Ratnadewi Indriani as Deputy Chairperson for Investment Climate Development, BKPM, Mr. Wang Liping as Minister Counselor of the Economic & Commercial of China Embassy in Indonesia, BP. Peno Suyatno as the head of Bekasi industrial area, Mr. Abdul Alek Soelystio as Executive Chairman of Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association, BP. Kiki Barki as Chairman of Indonesian Chinese Entrepreneur Association as well as the top management of Mengniu Dairy Corporation.

YoyiC Dairy Indonesia with its yogurt product named YoyiC really appreciate the diversity of cultures and diverse religious beliefs that exists in Indonesia. As gesture of thanks on the inauguration of YoyiC Dairy Factory Indonesia, Global CEO of Mengniu Dairy Corporation, Jeffrey Lu Minfang cut the tumpeng rice accompanied by prayer by one of the most respected Muslim religious leader in the area of Cikarang. The cutting of tumpeng ricewas given first to Via Vallen as a representative of the younger generation who are creative, innovative and productive.

Via also entertained guests who are celebrating the inauguration of the factory’s opening with a rendition of ‘ reach for the stars ‘ and ‘ Emerald of the Equator ‘ with the band accompanied by the NOS Indonesia Yogyakarta origin known songs with musical instruments of Indonesia ethnic overtones.

The selection of the song sung by Via ‘reach for the stars’ and ‘the Emerald of the Equator’ tells a positive messagethat reaching for the stars or the triumph requires strength and spirit, which is aligned to YoyiC product in supporting the Indonesian consumers to achieve more healthy living ready to achieve being innovative, creative and productive. Then for the second song, namely ‘Emerald of the equator,’ means the country is full of blessings, gifts of the nature from the creator for the good of Indonesia. This song fits in with the dream Yoyic to be present in Indonesia as an inspiration of natural health aligned with the purity and harmony of Indonesia’s natural goodness.

YoyiC is to contribute to Indonesians maintain a healthy lifestyle, to go further and achieve more. YoyiC inspires natural health towards a strong nation. Healthy Everyday With YoyiC.

About YoyiC

YoyiC is a big player in the dairy market of Southeast Asia. YoyiC is oneof Mengiu’s brand of yogurt & probiotic drink that ranks the top beverage in C-BPI list respectively in “Brand Power Index China 2017” (C-BPI) published by the Ministry of industry and Information technology of China. YoyiC quality dairy products supports the people of Indonesia to have a healthy life, to go a step further and achieve.

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