What Are The Differences Between Prebiotics And Probiotics?

Many of us know the word prebiotics and probiotics. Unfortunately, many people also equate the two even though both are different things. The same part is, prebiotics and probiotics work together to improve our health. Research shows that prebiotics and probiotics are not only good for our digestion. It could increase your immune system, make you feel healthier and and your heart will also get better by consuming both.

For those who have digestive problems or want to increase the immune system, you can communicate with a nutrition doctor to get a measure of how many prebiotics and probiotics you should consume and for how long, the goal is to help you achieve optimal health.

Then what is exactly prebiotics and probiotics? Read this article to find the differences between the two.


What Is Prebiotics?

Prebiotics are natural compounds in foods that cannot be digested by the intestine (such as complex sugars and fiber). Prebiotics are useful for improving digestive health and have the potential to increase calcium absorption. Prebiotics also help the growth of good bacteria in the intestine, so that it will increasing the number of good bacteria and also suppressing the growth of unhealthy pressure. Prebiotics can also reduce inflammation in the intestine and stimulate calcium absorption.

Researchers have found that prebiotics are very helpful in increasing bacteria in the intestines, reducing the risk of disease and improving overall health. Prebiotic fiber is not as fragile as probiotic bacteria because it is not affected by heat, stomach acid, or time. Scientific literature shows that increased intake of prebiotic fibers supports immunity, digestive health, bone density, regularity, weight management, and brain health.

You can find some foods that can be a prebiotic source such as:

  1. Banana
  2. Shallots
  3. Garlic
  4. Chives
  5. Asparagus
  6. Artichokes
  7. Soybeans and wheat
  8. Fruit
  9. Legumes
  10. Leek


What Is Probiotics?

If prebiotics are a component of an undigested food (such as complex sugars and fiber), probiotics are live bacteria. Probiotics are living microorganisms or good bacteria that are naturally occur in the intestine. This good culture helps balance the flora in the intestine. Its function is for overall health, good digestion and improving the immune system. Probiotics are used to help treat irritable bowel syndrome. Some strains of probiotics can also help prevent certain allergic symptoms, reduce symptoms of lactose intolerance and more.

Probiotics are divided into three types:

  • Lactobacillus. Is the most common probiotic. Usually found in yogurt and fermented food products. These bacteria can help in treating diarrhea and impaired absorption of lactose.
  • Saccharomyces boulardii. Classified as a fungus in probiotics. Can be used to treat diarrhea and digestive disorders.
  • Bifidobacterium. This bacterium can be found in processed milk products, which are useful for relieving long-term digestive disorders, such as irritable bowel syndrome.

The researchers tried to do research to find out how these bacteria actually work. Here are some ways that make probiotics useful for your health:

  1. When you take antibiotics, not only bad bacteria are destroyed, but all good and bad bacteria will be destroyed. By consuming foods or supplements that contain probiotics, your body will be able to restore the good bacteria that had been destroyed.
  2. Probiotics can help your body to balance the good and bad bacteria in it, so that your body can function properly.


Foods that are good sources of probiotics include:

  1. Yogurt
  2. Kefir
  3. Kimchi
  4. Miso
  5. Tempe
  6. Soy milk
  7. Sauerkraut (fermented from cabbage or other vegetables)
  8. Pickles
  9. Kombucha


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