Why Yogurt Is Good For Digestion

Yogurt is one of the most popular fermented products in the world, made by adding live bacteria to milk. It has been consumed by humans throughout history, and is used as part of a meal, a snack, or as a component of sauces and desserts.

Yogurt also contain beneficial bacteria and act as a probiotic in human intestines. This can provide a variety of health benefits that go well beyond those of plain milk. Yogurt also has 2 textures, liquid form as in yogurt ready to drink (RTD) and thick form like Greek yogurt.

Nutrition Facts of Yogurt

  1. Yogurt is a rich source of protein

    Proteins in yogurt can be divided into two families, whey and casein, depending on their solubility in water. Water-soluble milk proteins are called whey proteins, whereas insoluble milk proteins are called caseins. Both casein and whey are of excellent quality, rich in essential amino acids and easy to digest. Casein can increase the absorption of minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus and promote lower blood pressure. In addition, consumption of whey protein may provide various health benefits, such as weight loss and lower blood pressure.
  2. Fats

    The amount of fat in yogurt depends on the type of milk it is made from. Yogurt can be produced from all kinds of milk, whole milk, low-fat milk or fat-free milk. The fat content can range from 0.4% in non-fat yogurt (8) to 3.3% or more in full-fat yogurt.
  3. Vitamin dan mineral

    Full-fat yogurt contains almost every single nutrient needed by humans. However, there are various types of yogurt and their nutritional value may vary substantially. For example, the nutritional value of yogurt may depend on the types of bacteria used in the fermentation process. The following vitamins and minerals are found in particularly high amounts in conventional yogurt made from whole milk.
  • Vitamin B12: A nutrient only found in foods of animal origin.
  • Calcium: Milk products are excellent sources of calcium, in a form that is easily absorbed.
  • Phosphorus: Yogurt is a good source of phosphorus, an essential mineral that plays an important role in biological processes.
  • Riboflavin: Also called vitamin B2. Milk products are the main source of riboflavin in the modern diet.

4. Probiotik

Probiotics are live bacteria that have beneficial health effects when consumed. These “good bacteria” are found in fermented milk products, such as yogurt with live and active cultures. The main probiotics in fermented milk products are lactic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria. Probiotics have many beneficial health effects, depending on the species and the amount taken.

  • To boost immune system.
  • Lower cholesterol: Regular intake of certain types of probiotics and fermented milk products may lower blood cholesterol.
  • Vitamin synthesis: Bifidobacteria can synthesize or form many kinds of vitamins, including thiamine, niacin, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folate, and vitamin K.
  • Digestive well-being: Fermented milk containing bifidobacterium may promote digestive well-being and lessen the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Protection against diarrhea: Probiotics may help treat diarrhea caused by antibiotics.
  • Protection against constipation: Several studies suggest that regular consumption of yogurt, fermented with bifidobacterium, may reduce constipation.

Yogurt and Its Benefits for Digestive Health

Some types of probiotics found in yogurt, such as Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus, have been shown to lessen the uncomfortable symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), which is a common disorder that affects the colon. Another study found that yogurt with Bifidobacteria improved digestive symptoms and health-related quality of life among women who did not have a diagnosed digestive condition. Furthermore, several studies have found that probiotics may protect against antibiotic-associated diarrhea, as well as constipation.

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